Primespeak world-class dental patient communications training

A counter-intuitive approach that removes the uncomfortable sales-pitch and any perception of pressure, Primespeak makes the process for optimum case acceptance easier, more comfortable, and above all ethical.


Key outcomes of attending Primespeak

Enhance Patient Experience

Increase Case Acceptance

Improve Patient Retention and Referrals

Remove sales-like conversations (no pressure)

Build trust and deepen patient understanding and ownership

Develop Your Teams Communications Skills

Attract more patients with effective patient communication.

Attract more patients with effective patient communication.

Primespeak has proven itself as a unique and effective approach to achieving an enhanced patient experience, increased case acceptance, and increased patient retention and referrals.

Founded in psychology, neuroscience and an understanding of in-practice patient behaviour and mindset, this world-class dental communications training was developed from over 26 years of:

  • working one-to-one with patients
  • discovering what patients want to know
  • delivering it in a way that helps them to understand and want the treatment that they need

Primespeak is loved by thousands of clinicians around the world.

Primespeak is loved by thousands of clinicians around the world.

Primespeak has pioneered a new approach to not only the New Patient Exam but to the way dentists communicate with all their patients. During this workshop, you will explore why traditional and standard communication approaches simply don't work anymore.

You'll step into a new paradigm that totally shifts the dentist-patient dynamic.

And learn how you can increase treatment acceptance in an ethical way that also strengthens the trust your patients have in you and your practice.

Two flexible course delivery options

Live Online Training

This three-part interactive online seminar provides participants with the tools to increase dental case acceptance while building trust and long-lasting patient-clinician relationships.

Target Audience

Suitable for Dentists, hygienists, OHTs, and team members

CPD Hours

12 CPD hours per course


Each course consists of
3 x 4 hour modules


In this 1-day workshop, you will learn how to present treatment options and get your patients to make informed decisions while building trust and long lasting relationships. 

Target Audience

Suitable for Dentists, hygienists, OHTs, and team members

CPD Hours

7 CPD hours per course


1 Day


  1. 1) Primespeak Overview & Objectives
  2. 2) Two Rules of Ethical dentistry
  3. 3) Five Laws of Patient Behaviour
  4. 4) Communication Zones
  5. 5) Trust Builders and Trust Busters
  1. 6) Strategic Thinking Approach
  2. 7) Tools and Techniques for the Pre-Clinical Discussion
  3. 8) Pre-clinical Discussion Demo & Skills Practice
  4. 9) Tools and Techniques for the Clinical Exam
  5. 10) Clinical Exam Demo & Skills Practice
  1. 11) Tools and Techniques for the Consultation
  2. 12) Consultation Demo & Skills Practice
  3. 13) Next steps for Implementation

AU $990.00 – AU $1,980.00 ex. GST

Price varies based on role.

Your Primespeak Facilitators

Our team of industry expert advisors have decades of experience in guiding practice owners and their teams.
Prime Practice's coaches and industry expert advisors can empower you and your team to improve your results.

Brett Churnin

For many years, Brett has delivered empowering and motivating workshops to dentists in the USA, UK, Singapore, Australia and NZ. His keynote speeches focus on how to build trust-based relationships with patients, using clear communication strategies.

Maya Carson

Being a business Coach with Prime allows me to make meaningful change for the business owner and their teams by implementing systems and procedures that ease pressure and stress on the whole team.

Jen Cox

Being a business Coach with Prime allows me to make meaningful change for the business owner and their teams by implementing systems and procedures that ease pressure and stress on the whole team.


The Primespeak series of lectures has greatly enhanced my ability to convey and present my treatment plans with confidence to my patients. I now have clear sequence and collection of verbal skills to do this in a very effective way.

Dr Harris, New Zealand


Primespeak is an exceptional tool to guide, educate and influence your patients to receive the optimal care you have to offer. With the tools Primespeak
provides, the stress of ‘selling’ dentistry will no longer permeate your practice. Patients will seek your care because of the caring, understanding and compassionate dentistry you provide.

Dr Katz, USA


Finally a blue print laid to follow the hardest thing in dentistry – helping the patient achieve their need. It’s easy to blame someone if it doesn’t work, but now the problem AND the solutions now lie within our grasp.

Dr Chacko, USA


Primespeak was extremely well presented in an easy to understand and follow manner. I wish I knew about this course when I graduated so I could have done it earlier. It has completely changed my outlook on the new patient exam for the better, especially in reducing my stress in fear of treatment plan acceptance. I would recommend this course to anyone.

Dr Pho, Australia


Without Primespeak, one simply cannot communicate effectively on a professional or personal level.

C Hill, Australia


One of the things I enjoy most about dentistry is truly getting to know my patients. One thing I dread most is rejection and feeling like I did not solve a patients’ problem. This course has helped me to present with genuine solutions, without the stress of feeling like I have to ‘close the case’. Thank you.

Dr Schwartz, USA


Prime Practice has redefined how I approach dentistry as a career and as a way of life. Suddenly, I am not dodging patients in the supermarket, but approaching them as friends. Patients now see me as someone who is on their side.

De Ang, New Zealand

NEW E-book: Strategies To Improve The Patient Experience And Case Acceptance

NEW E-book: Strategies To Improve The Patient Experience And Case Acceptance

The Secrets of Primespeak

In this e-book, you will learn an innovative concept in patient communication.  Download now.

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Frequently asked questions

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Why should I attend Primespeak?

Communication is a skill that can be learned and developed, and one that is not commonly the strong suit for many dentists. There is almost always a gap between what patients think they need and what the dentist thinks they need, and communication is what bridges that gap. This course was created by dentists for dentists and dental teams based on an approach that worked effectively for them in practice. Over the last 25 years, it’s been backed by the success of thousands of dentists across the globe who’ve attended the course and experienced the difference it makes to the patient-clinician dynamic and ultimately to case acceptance and patient retention.

What are the outcomes I can expect as a result from attending?

This workshop will dramatically shift the patient-clinician dynamic. It will:

  • Increase case acceptance and patient retention
  • Remove any perception of sales pressure
  • Increase patient ownership of their dental conditions
  • Bridge the gap between what a patient thinks they need and what you think they need
  • Take the stress out of communicating with patients
  • Deepen trust and rapport with patients

Can I bring my team?

Primespeak was originally designed for dentists. We recognise practices need to work as a team and so we tailored the program so that all clinicians and team members will find the tools, techniques and strategies immensely valuable and useful. In fact, to implement the Primespeak approach effectively requires an aligned team effort so that everyone is on the same page, speaking the same language. We therefore encourage the full team to attend Primespeak, wherever possible.

Is this another sales training course?

John Hancock said that “the greatest ability in business, is to get along with others and to influence their actions”. As a health professional, you have an ethical responsibility to influence your patients towards options that will best support their oral health and well-being. That’s very different from over-servicing or pushing treatment options that patients don’t really need. Primespeak is founded in robust neuroscientific principles and is a relationship-based approach that removes any hint of sales pressure. When Primepseak is implemented effectively, patients will make informed decisions and will feel supported, respected and cared for, regardless of the choices they make.

Will my case acceptance be increased because of this course?

Increased case acceptance is often an outcome when clinicians focus on building trust and increasing a patient’s ownership of their oral health conditions.

What’s different to other communication skills workshops?

Primespeak provides a paradigm shift from the traditional approach to communication and the New Patient Exam. Based on ethical, non-scripted foundations, it provides a toolkit of techniques rather than a recipe to be followed to the letter. In many ways, it’s quite a counter-intuitive and strategic approach, and in this sense, is unlike anything else in the market.

I did it 4 years ago, should I do it again?

Absolutely. Improving communication always requires practice and refinement, a little like learning a new language. The most effective users of Primespeak refresh and extend their communication toolkit on a regular basis, which means they often revisit the workshops to hone their skills.

Should I do the face-to-face workshop or the virtual workshop?

The content of both workshops is the same, so the decision really depends on other factors. The face-to-face workshop is an intensive day, and allows you to start implementing the approach immediately. The virtual workshop extends over three weeks, and allows you to absorb the content over time. The virtual workshop has 4 extra hours which allows for more skills practice and a slightly deeper exploration of some of the concepts. The virtual workshop is engaging and interactive, with break-out rooms for skills practice. You have the option if you find face-to-face workshops a more effective learning environment.

Need support to implement the Primespeak approach?

Primespeak Video Library

Enjoy a comprehensive video library with 86 bite-sized videos, encompassing 18 hours of self-paced training. Accessible for 12 months, this “GO-TO” resource enables you to refresh principles and enjoy case studies to help with your technique and delivery.

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Primespeak 1:1 Coaching

Enjoy 3 x 1-hour coaching sessions to discuss active cases of yours, refresh the content learnt and gain confidence in the Primespeak-proven techniques to increase case acceptance and patient loyalty.

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Primespeak Video Library & Coaching Implementation Bundle

This unique opportunity allows you to bundle the Video Library together with 3 focused 1-on-1 Primespeak specific coaching sessions focused on refining and implementing your Primespeak skills.

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