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Strategies to improve the Patient Experience and case Acceptance

The Secrets of Primespeak

In this e-book, you will learn an innovative concept in patient communication.  

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Attract more patients with effective patient communication

Is it time to adapt your communication strategy?

Primespeak has pioneered a new approach to not only the New Patient Exam, but to the way dentists communicate with all their patients. Founded in psychology, neuroscience and an understanding of in-practice patient behaviour and mindset, we'll provide some key takeaways from this world-class dental communications training.

In this new e-book, we explore why traditional and standard communication approaches simply don't work anymore. We invite you to step into a new paradigm that totally shifts the dentist-patient dynamic. Discover how you can increase treatment acceptance in an ethical way that also strengthens the trust your patients have in you and your practice.

Download the e-book and learn how to:

  • Give control and choice to the patient ethically
  • Remove sales-like conversations (no pressure)
  • Pre-empt and overcome your patients' objections
  • Build trust and deepen patient understanding and ownership
  • Attract more patients with effective patient communication

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