There is only so much time we have in a day to treat patients, so how do some dentists earn such a high daily rate? Develop your financial intelligence with our mock day sheet, as we layer in learning that simulates your progression from a new graduate to an experienced associate. You will understand that it’s a matter of working ‘smarter’ not harder and how simple changes can lead to significant increases in your production and the income you take home.

   Key financial knowledge and decision making 
   How to compare the hourly rates for all your procedures 
   Why your coffee break can end up costing you $124
   The key strategies to ‘Boost’ your income
   The power of compounding and how to utilise it
   How to assess which practice will provide you with the best income 
   The silent factors that are ‘killing’ your production 
   To understand practice ‘mathematics’ and break-even points for profitability
   The importance of time management on your hourly rate 
    And much more


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Improving Income

Course Outline

MODULE 1: Introduction to Financial Knowledge & Decision Making

1. Understanding Finances
2. Commercialisation & Over Servicing


MODULE 2: Income Breakdown

1. How is your income derived?
2. Associate breakeven points
3. Solo Practice breakeven points
4. Solo Practice vs Associate finances

MODULE 3: Financial Goals


1. Financial Perspective

2. Practice Fees


MODULE 4: Income Boosters


1. Welcome to Day Design

2. Income Booster 1 - Speed

3. Income Booster 2 - Indirect Treatment

4. Income Booster 3 - Combination Treatments

5. Income Booster 4 -  Advanced Treatments and Referrals

6. Income Booster 5 - Commission

MODULE 5: Income Killers


1. Day Design - Unproductive Time

2. Income Killer 1 - No Shows (Unable to Attend/Fail to Attend)

3. Income Killer 2 - Unused Time

4. Income Killer 3 - Unproductive Appointments

5. Income Killer 4 - Accounts Receivables

6. Income Killer 5 - Discounting & Freebies

7. Income Killer 6 - Expenses

MODULE 6: Income Visualisation


1. Income Opportunity Experimentation 

2. Current Impact Model

3. Experimental Impact Model

4. Visual Impact Model

5. Final Thoughts

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