Growing, training and servicing your database is the essence of any successful dentist. This course will help you develop two fundamental skillsets: the art of retaining your current patients and the ability to attract new patients. We will explore the best ways to market yourself as an associate and how to optimise the relationship and treatments for every patient under your care.

   The importance of quality over quantity when it comes to your patients
   Why most dentists’ databases are leaky buckets and how to plug the holes
   What I learnt as an associate who spent $50K marketing myself – the good, the bad, and the ugly
   How many patients you actually lose each year- it will shock you
   The true value of a new patient and the importance of the first visit

   How to build lifelong relationships with your patients 
   The importance of both you and your practice in setting a united front 
   How to start developing a Personal Brand
   How to get the local community talking about you and what you do 
    The "key risk" that exists to all associates and how to best mitigate it
   How to assess the quality of a patient database, when considering working in a new practice


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Group 2 (3)

Course Outline

MODULE 1: Patient Base Strategy

1. Patient Base Structure
2. The Leaky Bucket
3. Time Available

MODULE 2: Patient Base Development

1. Patient Base Quantity
2. Patient Base Quality
3. Patient Base Risk

MODULE 3: Patient Optimisation


1. Patient Optimisation

2. Patient Treatment

3. Optimising Ability

4. System Optimisation


MODULE 4: Attracting New Patients


1. Marketing

2. Referrals

3. Personal Branding


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