This course is designed to guide Associate dentists in developing practical systems that will improve the efficiency, risk and productivity of their daily practice. It will increase their ability to undertake increasingly complex sets of treatments all whilst providing a radically improved and consistent patient experience. It’s time to free up your energy to focus on the most important aspects of being a dentist.

   How to set a specific protocol for discounting that will save you money
   To develop clinical protocols that improve the consistency of even the most complex treatments
   How to set your day up for success every day
   How to develop a system for efficient and comprehensive note-taking that will save you time every day
    The best way to stop patients from cancelling and what to do if you or the patient is running late
   Nearly everything you do is a form of protocol that can be improved 
   The patient journey and its importance in ensuring a great customer experience every time
   The best way to optimise your appointment book and manage your time
   How you can train your nurse to increase your efficiency and improve their job satisfaction at the same time
    And much more


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Course Outline

MODULE 1: Introduction to Protocol

1.    Introduction to protocols
2.    The importance of systems and protocols
3.    Developing protocols
4.    How to design protocols
5.    Getting organised
6.    What to organise
7.    Practice protocols
8.    Working with your practice systems

MODULE 2: Day & Practice Protocols

1.    The Practice Journey
2.    Structural protocols
3.    Situational protocols
4.    Operational protocols book

MODULE 3: Appointment Protocols


1.    Dental Assistant protocols
2.    Pre-appointment protocols
3.    Treatment room protocols
4.    Post-treatment protocols

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