Business Intelligence Tracking is vital to your perspective, progression and the pursuit of your goals. Once you track, there is no going back. This course provides detailed insights into tracking both your patients and your production. By using Key Performance Indicators, it will tell us how well you are doing and where you need to improve.

   The importance of tracking your patients for both patient care and production 
   The Critical Associate Data set – which metrics you need to track and why 
   How to set your quarterly goals/ milestones whilst on your way to your vision 
   The importance of knowing and understanding your practice systems
   How to follow up with patients and ensure they don’t fall out of your radar 
   Why rebooking a patient is one of the most critical outcomes for dentist success
   How Key Person Feedback can expedite your success
   The importance of self-reflection and how to do it correctly to achieve growth.
   How to analyse your current KPIs and determine where to focus your energy.
    And much more


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Tracking Success video

Course Outline

MODULE 1: Tracking Overview

1. Why tracking is so important
2. Types of tracking
3. Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
4. Patient Tracking Data (PTD)
5. Key Person Feedback (KPF)
6. Using Practice Management Software

MODULE 2: Associate Business Analytics

1. Data Collection
2. Focus 1 - New Patients- Leaks and Opportunities
3. Focus 2 - Current Patients- Leaks and Opportunities
4. Focus 3 - Treatments- Leaks and Opportunities
5. Focus 4 - Hourly Rate- Leaks and Opportunities

MODULE 3: Key Person Feedback


1. Feedback Structure
2. Feedback Mindset
3. Practice Manager Feedback
4. Front Office Feedback
5. Lab Feedback
6. Owner Feedback
7. Nurse/Assistant Feedback
8. Patient Feedback; and
9. Self Feedback

MODULE 4: Tracking Schedule


1. Personalise your tracking
2. Fundamental tracking
3. Focus tracking

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