Create Your Dream Career and Practice with Coaching and Consulting

Our experienced coaches & consultants will help you identify your practice's potential, and optimise your financials, culture, and performance. With our industry knowledge and tailored solutions for your dental practice, we'll set you up for success.


Why Dental Practices Engage a Prime Practice Coach & Consultant

Engage a trusted advisor who understands the dental industry and can unlock your career potential

Learn proven strategies to grow your practice and enhance the patient experience

Develop a team-managed practice by building the necessary skills and cultivating a high-performance team

Implement a business plan with accountability, ensuring your practice's success

Be in a safe environment where you can freely discuss your challenges without judgment

Coaches and Consultants

Who is it Suitable For?

Our coaching and consulting services support:
  • Practice Owners who want to grow their business, be better leaders, and build better patient relationships.
  • Practice Managers who aim to lead their teams effectively, reduce stress through efficient systems and underpin a great patient experience.
  • Associate Dentists who want to manage their job like their own business, develop an entrepreneurial mindset and improve patient relationships.
  • Front Office Coordinators who want to contribute to the success of the business, reduce stress with effective systems and support the patient experience.
  • Anyone who has attended our iconic Primespeak, Leadership or Mastering Practice Ownership courses and wants hands on help to implement the tools and techniques learned.

The Coaching Process

  • Connect: Start with a 60-minute introductory session with one of Prime Practice's experienced coaches to identify what's working and discuss your biggest challenges. Supported by our practice analysis tools.
  • Plan: Build a customised plan together with your coach to address your key  challenges.
  • Meet: Schedule regular virtual meetings with your coach at an agreed frequency. Each meeting will result in actionable steps to be completed to turn challenges into opportunities.

Why Prime Practice Coaches & Consultants?

  • Our team have specific knowledge and expertise in the dental industry, and they know what best practice looks like.
  • Our coach & consultants identify the gaps and opportunities, diagnose the problems and challenges, and then provide the right systems, tools and strategies to help solve the issues that dental practices face.
  • Prime Practice coaches & consultants are adept at addressing the 5 core areas that typically challenge most dental practices: Business Skills, Patient Experience, Leadership & Personal Growth, Systems & Protocols, and Team Engagement.
  • Our team also has access to subject matter experts who have specialised understanding, knowledge, and experience in Marketing, Infection Prevention & Control, HR, practice management, sales, mergers, acquisitions, and partnership strategies.

Prime Practice is Australia’s Expert Advisors for Dental

  • 26+ years of experience helping to grow and improve dental practices.
  • Australia's largest training and business solutions provider to the dental community.
  • Developers and trainers for Primespeak, the world-class dental patient communications training.
  • Trusted by clients across Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, China, North America and Europe.
  • A comprehensive library of resources and templates specific to dental practices, leadership and teams.

Meet the Prime Practice Coaches & Consultants

Need an ear to listen and a shoulder to lean on? 

Our team of industry expert advisors has decades of experience in guiding practice principals and their teams. They identify gaps and opportunities, diagnose problems and challenges, and provide tailored systems, tools, and strategies to address the specific issues dental practices face.

Whether you need consultation or support in any area of your business, our coaches are here to listen, provide guidance, and empower you and your team to achieve the desired results.

Brett Churnin

For many years, Brett has delivered empowering and motivating workshops to dentists in the USA, UK, Singapore, Australia and NZ. His keynote speeches focus on how to build trust-based relationships with patients, using clear communication strategies.

Jen Cox

Being a business Coach with Prime allows me to make meaningful change for the business owner and their teams by implementing systems and procedures that ease pressure and stress on the whole team.

Michelle Clark

With a value-focused philosophy, Michelle’s intent is for every client to leave an interaction with increased clarity, confidence, and actions to maximise opportunity. Michelle enjoys sharing knowledge on positive mindset, inspired goal setting, effective communication, measuring results, consistent actions and work-life balance.

Louise Howlett

As a trainer, my passion lies in connecting with and supporting dental teams to enhance their skills and practice culture. Through system optimisation and efficiency improvement, I strive to enable consistently exceptional patient care, leading to happier staff and patients. 

Daleen Kupsch

What I love most about coaching is building lasting empowering relationships with our clients and their team members. The real magic happens when implementation is a full team effort and team members are aligned and experience their own transformation and shift in why and what they do.

Maya Carson

I love supporting clients to thrive at work. Through enhancing people's skills, knowledge and insight, they begin to enjoy what they do, from understanding practice numbers, to having difficult conversations, to providing an unmatched level of patient care.

Choose a coaching pack that suits you:

Coaching (1 Hour)

Dip your toe in a coaching experience to see if coaching is right for you.


Coaching (3 pack)

Focus on a specific challenge area in a powerful pack of 3 coaching sessions.


Coaching (6 Pack)

Gain the benefit of 6 regular coaching sessions at a discounted rate.


Prime has helped us grow

Having attended multiple training courses over the years I can highly recommend Prime Practice and their amazing team. Each team member I have had the pleasure of learning from has been super knowledgeable and energetic. Thank you for helping us grow.

Dr. Caroline Boulanger

Prime empowered my career

I first started the Prime workshops about 15 years ago through my workplace at the time. After 11 years in practice, I changed professions and became a lawyer. Still to this day, I am constantly grateful for the professional and interpersonal skills that Prime taught me. I have consistently used the skills taught by Prime across both professions and pride myself on making sure clients can make informed decisions based on what is right for them. This to has led to a consistently more enjoyable experience for clients and for me as a professional.

Carrie Payne

Prime revolutionised my practice

“This is my first course with Prime Practice and I really enjoyed the online presentations. The presenters are fantastic! This is my first course with Prime Practice and I really enjoyed the  online presentations. The presenters are fantastic!”


Become a better leader in your workplace

Prime provides amazing insights and tools to become a better leader in your workplace.

Dr. Joel Teoh

Highly recommend Prime Practice

The staff running the training are so professional and passionate about what they do. I would highly recommend Prime Practice.

Dr. Nima Fedowsi

Prime's management program is life changing

Prime offered a carefully structured program engineered in a way to implement changes within your practice in the best sequence to achieve your ideal practice. Upon joining the program and with the support from my coach I was able systematically to implement structured protocols into my practice with very little interruption. I can honestly say that without the support and guidance from Prime, I wouldn’t be practicing the level of dentistry I am performing and certainly wouldn’t have the business knowledge I have. I would highly recommend to anyone who owns a dental practice to join the prime practice management program, it will be life-changing.

Dr. Justin Ward | Arthur Street Dental

Communicate effectively with patients

After 10 years and I am still learning something new, Prime provides a wonderful framework for communicating effectively with patients.

Dr. Greg Hsiao

Prime has fantastic points on marketing

I highly recommend Prime Practice for all the practice owners, new and old, fantastic points on marketing.

Dr. Naledi Mosarwa

Still not sure if Coaching and Consulting is right for you? Chat with one of our consultants.

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