Welcome to the gateway of your practice ownership dreams

Welcome to the gateway of your practice ownership dreams

Our Starter Kit isn't just a program for dental practice start-ups; it's a catalyst for your journey towards a thriving practice.

Led by our experienced Business Coach and Consultant, Jen Cox, and her team, prepare to embark on a transformative adventure tailored to empower you with the skills, resources, strategies, and insights vital for a successful first year in business.

Don't just imagine your success; let's make it a reality together.

Register your interest now and ignite the path towards your aspirations.

What you can expect

Develop Foundations: Lay the groundwork for a successful first year in business.

Start with WHY: Craft your practice purpose for effective marketing and team culture.

Decode Financials: Bring breakeven point forward by understanding clinical economics.

Set Goals: Set realistic goals and KPIs that can be tracked to measure your success.

Team Success: Access key resources for recruitment, onboarding and retention.

Patient Experience: Learn what elements are needed to ensure optimal patient experience.

Launch in Style: Put your business on the map with an intentional launch that attracts the right patients and team.

Access 1:1 Coaching and Consulting

Access 1:1 Coaching and Consulting

Our comprehensive 1:1 consultation sessions, totalling up to 11 hours across the program, are tailored to your needs and guided by experienced consultants.
From business plan development to clinical economics and patient growth strategies, each session is designed to empower you for success. Here's a glimpse of what's involved:

  • Introduction & Roadmap
  • Company Values
  • Marketing Vision & Website Plan

Exclusive Trainings

Exclusive Trainings

  • On-demand Appointment Book Scheduling
  • Infection Prevention and Control E-Learning Modules (with CPD points)
  • And more!

Over 30 Key Resources Including...

Over 30 Key Resources Including...

  • Business Plan Template
  • Marketing Checklists
  • Infection Prevention Control Tools
  • Practice Management Resources
  • People Solutions Guides
  • Vital Systems and Protocols
  • And much more!

Ready to get started?

Don't miss this opportunity to launch your practice successfully.

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Get in touch

If you'd like to talk about our Starter Kit and prefer to secure a meeting, please select a suitable date/time from Jen's availability below. We will send you an email confirming the time, and a calendar link.

Frequently asked questions

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How do I know if the Starter Kit is right for me?

The Starter Kit is designed to empower dentists to launch their own dental practice. From foundational business planning to advanced clinical economics and patient growth strategies, the Starter Kit provides comprehensive tools and consultations to support your launch journey into practice ownership. 

Feel free to contact one of our Consultants to determine your goals and clarify if our Starter Kit is right for you.

What if I don't need everything in the Starter Kit?

We understand that each practice has unique needs. Our dedicated consultant will help you identify which resources and services from the Starter Kit align with your specific goals. Whether you're focusing on business planning, clinical economics, patient growth strategies, or other areas, we'll customise your experience for maximum benefit. If the Starter Kit doesn't fully meet your needs, we're flexible in creating a customised package of services tailored to your preferences. Our goal is to provide the support and resources necessary for your practice to thrive, precisely tailored to your requirements. Feel free to discuss your preferences with our team, and we'll work together to find the best solution for you.

How long will it take to see results from the Starter Kit?

The timeline for seeing results from the Starter Kit can vary depending on factors such as the specific goals of your practice, the level of implementation, and the dedication to the strategies outlined in the Kit. Generally, many practices begin to notice positive changes within a few weeks to a couple of months of implementing the recommended strategies. However, the ultimate success of the Starter Kit lies in its long-term impact on your practice's growth and sustainability. Our team is committed to supporting you every step of the way, providing guidance and adjustments as needed to ensure you achieve the results you desire.

Why was the Starter Kit created?

Because practice owners usually come to us 6/12/24 months down the track saying, "I wish I’d found you guys sooner. If only I knew this before I opened!" We wanted to create a dental practice business starter kit to help new practice owners navigate the “startup” phase, avoid potential pitfalls, and make decisions with a trusted advisor to guide them to success in their first year of business.

I haven’t opened my practice yet. Is the Starter Kit right for me?

Absolutely! Regardless of what stage you are at, the Starter Kit is packed with valuable resources and tailored consultation to help you and your business thrive.

I already opened, is the Starter Kit right for me?

Maybe! Or another one of our solutions would pack more of a punch! Book a chat to explore your options!

I have an established practice, but I know I need help, can I do the Starter Kit?

We have something more suited to you and your team! Book a chat to find out more!

Will you train my team?

For sure! We will give you valuable resources to help you find the right team, keep them, and train them. We will also provide them with online training on what they need to know right now.

Do I need to have employed staff before I can get the Starter Kit?

Not at all, in fact, there are resources within the starter kit to help you with your recruitment.

I am worried I won’t have the time to implement. What or how do I overcome that?

The truth is, for all essential things, you have to make time. And our experienced consultants will show you how. The Starter Kit is broken up into bite-sized chunks of learning. With in-demand support and resources available, our consultants will take you through this at a pace that suits you.

I am worried about finance and debt levels. I already have so much knowledge loan!

We totally get it. Most of our clients in this situation felt the same. The Starter Kit should secure your investment. We have been through this hundreds of times before. Let us guide you through it and ease concerns by creating a unique business plan that will form a roadmap towards a debt-free future.

Can I pay monthly?

The Starter Kit requires an upfront payment. This is because we require a minimum of 6 months to give you what we promise you, which is everything you will need to launch your business with confidence, conviction, and passion!

How do I pay?

We’re easy! You can talk to our friends at finance specialist Credabl, pay by CC, or do an online transfer.