Master Your Skills in 2024: Training Calendar

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Discover practices to support your patients best and create a great experience:

  • 5 June: Maximising Recall Compliance
  • 18 July: Handling Emergencies 
  • 6 August: Best Practice Phone Skills 
  • 12 June: Appointment Book Control
  • 5 Sep: Pre-empting and Handling Cancellations

Training length: 1 or 2.5 hours each.

Ideal for: anyone in the team.

Get updated on all aspects of infection prevention and control management.

  • 28 May - Standard Precautions, Infectious Cycle and Methods of Transmission
  • 18 June - Hand Hygiene and Glove Management
  • 16 July - Personal Hygiene and Personal Protective Equipment
  • 13 August - Surface Management and Aerosol Management
  • 17 September - Instrument Management and Reprocessing
  • 22 October - Sterilisation, Monitoring and Documentation
  • 26 November - Quality Management, Annual Review and Validation

Training length: 1 hour each.

Ideal for: anyone in the team.

Join us at our exclusive events for in-depth strategies tailored to practice leaders, designed to foster practice growth:

  • 21 May - Melbourne
  • 19 June - Live Online
  • 25 July - Perth
  • 8 August - Sydney
  • 4 September - Brisbane
  • 16 October - Melbourne
  • 12 November - Live Online

Training length: 4 hours

Ideal for: practice owners and practice managers.

Enhance patient experiences and boost case acceptance with our highly popular workshops:

  • 29 May - Sydney
  • 4 June - Adelaide
  • 3 July - Auckland
  • 20, 27 August, 3 September - Live Online
  • 19 September - Melbourne
  • 30 October - Sydney
  • 20 November - Perth
  • 27 November - Brisbane

Training length: 7 hours

Ideal for: clinicians, valuable for all team members.

Join our tailored leadership training tackling current challenges at all levels, from beginners to business leaders, and providing practical solutions:

  • 14, 21, 28 June: How to Create a Positive Team Culture
  • 15, 22, 29 July: Leading for Results
  • 15, 22, 29 August: Strategies to Improve the Patient Experience
  • 10, 17, 24 September: Effective Leadership Communication
  • 10, 17, 24 October: Leader as a Coach
  • 1, 8, 15 November: Become a More Resilient Leader
  • 19, 26 November, 3 December: How to Create a Positive Team Culture

Training length: Each training runs over three weeks in three two-hour blocks.

Ideal for: clinicians and team members.

Our workshops are a fantastic way to upskill your team. Choose from our full range of workshop content to customise a day of training suited to the needs of your practice.

Training length: full day

Practice Plan members: This workshop is designed for teams to attend together in the practice in the first year of the Practice Plan.

In this exciting face-to-face team workshop, you will have the chance to meet with other team members from various practices in similar roles to yours.

  • 25 June - Sydney
  • 11 July - Brisbane
  • 31 July - Melbourne
  • 13 August - Adelaide

Training length: 7 hours

Practice Plan members: This workshop is designed for teams to attend together in the second year of the Practice Plan (minimum numbers apply).

The Academy consists of 5 on-demand courses to enable the growth and success of an Associate Dentist. Start the Complete Program (All 5 courses plus Primespeak Lite) or purchase them individually.

  • Dentist by Design Course
  • Improving Income Course
  • Optimising Your Patient Base Course
  • Tracking Success Course
  • Protocols Course

Training length: 8 hours per course.

Ideal for: Associate Dentists in the first five years of practise.

Exclusive for Practice Plan members: enjoy a 50% discount on the Complete Program.

Meet the Trainers and Facilitators

Our team of industry expert advisors have decades of experience in guiding practice owners and their teams. Prime Practice coaches and industry expert advisors can empower you and your team to improve your results.

Brett Churnin

For many years, Brett has delivered empowering and motivating workshops to dentists in the USA, UK, Singapore, Australia and NZ. His keynote speeches focus on how to build trust-based relationships with patients, using clear communication strategies.

Maya Carson

I love supporting clients to thrive at work. Through enhancing people's skills, knowledge and insight, they begin to enjoy what they do, from understanding practice numbers, to having difficult conversations, to providing an unmatched level of patient care.

Jen Cox

Being a business Coach with Prime allows me to make meaningful change for the business owner and their teams by implementing systems and procedures that ease pressure and stress on the whole team.

Daleen Kupsch

What I love most about coaching is building lasting empowering relationships with our clients and their team members. The real magic happens when implementation is a full team effort and team members are aligned and experience their own transformation and shift in why and what they do.

Louise Howlett

As a trainer, my passion lies in connecting with and supporting dental teams to enhance their skills and practice culture. Through system optimisation and efficiency improvement, I strive to enable consistently exceptional patient care, leading to happier staff and patients. 

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